Problem with rotated components in Version 2.3b (830)

just updated to Version 2.3b (830) and files containing rotated components are broken. There are also warning sigs on many glyphs.

I have the same problems plus some characters have incredibly high negative RSB number, even though they appear normally when editing.

the warning signs appear correctly on glyphs that need their metrics updating.

I’ve the same issue

I had the warning alert on a handful of glyphs, in particular all the superior numbers. Glyphs seemed to believe that they should inherit their sidebearing values from the regular numbers (they don’t) and flagged them. As soon as I retyped the sidebearing numbers, the flags disappeared. Three or four ligature glyphs had the same issue.

Can you send me the file that contains the distorted components? The version that was never saved in 2.3 would be best.

If you could send me the file where you think it displayed a wrong warning?

Same here. will send you the file, Georg.

did you receive the file Georg?