Probleme with final export / red corner

I am done my typeface, but I got a weird rendering when I export it. I also notice little red corner on most of my font, it’s probably the problem, but I don’t know why this happened.
Can someone know how to fix this?

You are having the interpolation error. If you did not intend to use multiple master function (for example, making semibold from regular and bold) or do not understand what I am talking about, here’s the solution:
If you go to font info, there’re Masters tab and Instance tab. Look at the Master tab and see the weight value of each master. Then to the instance tab. In each instance (you may have one or two), enter the weight value you have just seen in the weight field, which you will find under Axes Coordinates if you are using the latest beta.
Alternatively, go straight to Instance tab, delete all the instances you have using the minus button at the bottom left. Then, click plus button and choose the second option that should say “Add instance for each master” or that in French of course.

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