Problems after changing the grid

I changed my grid from 1000 to 2000. Now when exporting my font is extremely big and the line spacing is much too wide. Do I have to change something in the master settings beside ascender and descender?
Also since I changed the grid, when using the text tool, the window is quit small so that after four to five letters it drops to the next line wich makes it hard to space the letters properly.

Would be grateful for some help. Tanks!
(excuse my bad englisch)

Instead of changing the UPM from 1000 to 2000, click the scale button in FileFont Info… (⌘I) → FontUnits per Em and enter the new value (2000) there. That way, all other metrics are scaled with the UPM value.

You can do this by entering 1000 in the field again and then click the scale button to scale to 2000.

All right thank you very much!
But is there an option to make the font and the line spacing smaller when or before exporting? Cause now the font is already almost finished

Have you read this: Vertical Metrics | Glyphs