Problems registering version 1.4.5

I recently bought Glyphs after running the trial version for awhile. My operating system is older (Mac OS 10.6.8), so I installed Glyphs 1.4.5. How do I register this legacy version? Is this even possible? I know the simple solution is to upgrade my OS, but I don’t want to do that because my older hardware probably can’t keep up. The trial version worked great, but I can’t seem to get past the trial expiration message to register the software. The registration file can’t be opened in this older version of Glyphs (no surprise since it was made to open in Glyphs 2) but the registration option in the menu is grayed out like all the other menu items. Thanks for your help.

DYou need a different license file for Glyphs 1. I am not in charge of licensing but will see what I can do.

You bought the Glyphs 2 license with the same email address you used for registering in the forum?

Quickly solved—I got an email with the legacy license. Thanks.