Problems with components when open older Font in Glyphs 3

I know there are already one or two “topics” on the subject, but either they don’t help me or I haven’t found the right one yet …

So: I want to open an “older” file in Glyphs 3 (3.1.1 (3135)) and get the following dialogue box. These are primarily numbers (TF) based on the LF (components).

Now I have the choice between shifted/no longer centred components or a no longer monospace widths over all weights.

Surely there is a trick to avoid the problem directly or to solve it without much effort after opening the font!?

(Why does this problem occur at all? :wink:

I am very happy about a hint!

Why? You need to check the boxes for all rows that contain a reference to a tabular figure. That will keep the original position and disable automatic alignment. Then it behaves exactly as in the old version.

That’s how I had understood it. But it didn’t work: the spacing didn’t correspond to the original. (It was also partially broken in other glyphs).
I have now reinstalled Glyphs3. Now it works!
Sorry for the fuss :face_with_spiral_eyes: and thank you!