Problems with Copy Kerning from Caps to Small Caps in Glyphs 3

Hi everyone.
The ‘Copy Kerning from Caps to Small Caps’ script is not working in Glyphs 3. I’ve tried in Glyphs 2 and it’s ok.
Do you know any other way (script, filter) to copy caps kerning to sc?
Thank you.

I have both Python and Vanilla installed, Glyphs version 3.0.3 running on Catalina. I’ve tried running the script with a new test file and it still doesn’t work. Does anyone had this issue with the script? Is there a workaround for making it work?

Do you get an error message in the macro window?

I get this message:
'Copying Kerning from UC to SC…
Font: Filter
Master: Bold Master

Kerning Groups:

Kerning Values:

No error message, it seems.

The script needs an update. I’m on it.
Update: Done. Please update your scripts installation.

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Brilliant! Thank you, mekkabue.

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