Problems with high-contrast font on Windows

Hi everybody! Could you please help me understand what the problem is-(( I have a very high-contrast font (vertical stems are 96 and horizontal stems are 11). The font perfectly works in Mac OS and Adobe (font with any pt value is perfectly readable). But there is a problem when using it on Windows (HD laptop). 16 pt is fine, 40 and more pt is fine. But 20-40 pt looks very strange as if my horizontal stems become half-transparent and not really visible. I thought it could be a problem with hinting but checked everything in Adobe (according to guidelines from the tutorial - ctrl-scroll, etc) and it works good. What can be the problem??

Did you export as TrueType or OpenType? Did you select autohinting?

I exported both TrueType and OpenType. Also i tried both ttf and otf on my PC but still with the same result. Yes, when exporting I selected autohinting

Hard to say, maybe that is just how the vectors fall on the pixel grid.

If the OpenType and TrueType fonts give the same result, then there is something wrong. They are rendered by totally different rasterisers so will give quite different results.