Problems with Mekkablue’s “Straight Stem Cruncher”


I’m working on a file that has interpolated and scaled masters which caused irregular stem widths. To find these irregular stems, I wanted to use the Straight Stem Cruncher, but I can’t get it to work …

I intentionally manipulated the H for testing with a deviating vertical stem width, but the script does not seem to be able to detect it.

When I run the script on horizontal stems too, it wrongly marks the crossbar with the correct stem width of 49.0 to be 51.0 …

Could you please help me find the problem here?
Thank you!

Can you send me the .glyphs file? I’ll have a look. res at this domain.

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Thank you! Just sent the file. :slight_smile:

Hi! Sorry to bother you again about this, but have you been able to figure out whats going wrong with the script?
I would be so happy if I could use the script. It would make my work much easier.

I think I was able to solve the problem myself. I created a pullrequest for the changes:

Are you sure you sent the file? Cannot find your email.

I merged the pull request. Thanks.

Yes, I sent it on the 4th. :sweat_smile: But it’s probably not important any more …

Thank you for merging!
Frohe Weihnachten! :christmas_tree::gift:

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Thanks and sorry I missed your follow-up message.