Problems with typing Korean in Glyphs

I am Jerry, a designer makes Hangul in South Korea.

When I enter the designed Korean glyph, it suddenly enters like this.
This problem occurs when you try to type ‘je’ and ‘jel’ consecutively.
It seems that the problem is caused by the lack of design of the letter ‘jej’.
How can I solve this problem?

Does it work after you add the glyph?

I don’t want to add another glyph because I’m only developing 2350 characters.
At the beginning of the work, even if there were no glyph, the position did not move and the next glyph could be entered.
But, I’m not familiar with glyphs so maybe I accidentally pressed another key.
Thank you for your reply.

My guess is that you have to have at least all the intermediary Choseong, Jungseong and Jongseong you type, otherwise the syllable construction may fail.