Production Names (Production) disappear after saving

Hi everyone,

I’ve been working on a icon font for a couple of weeks now and I ran into a problem where the production name (in glyphsapp called production) gets lost after saving and closing the file. I have created unique production names for over 200 icons such as …

  • chevron-e
  • arrow-sw-oval
  • volume-mute

and every time I save and close the app, those entries are fully lost or have been automatically replaced with unixxxx . I have “use custom naming” in the Font Info enabled. Is there something that I’m missing? Has anyone encountered the same issue?

Screenshot / before (color-swatch) / after (uni0510)


Any help would be highly appreciated!


Which exact build version of Glyphs, 3033?

Not a good idea to use non-PUA codes for this. Does it happen with PUA as well?

thanks for getting back so quickly. I don’t think it happens on PUA, however the reason why we do this is a custom icon font based on a concept described by font awesome …

  • bookmark (0640) / bookmark-filled (F0640) / bookmark-duo (FF0640)
  • bullet (0290) / bullet-filled (F0290) / bullet-duo (FF0640)

… so basically you have variations of the same glyph and with prefixing it with one F for the solid version and FF for the duo version makes the font easy to use for developers and designers. since you can guess and find and replace code super quickly.

However back to the actual problem. I find it very odd that after closing the app it resets completely. I wasted at least 4-6 hours twice now since I don’t know why this happens.

If you press “cmd + option + i” on a glyph and change it there, then it stays. I jsut found this out couple minutes ago.

It does look to be a bug.

In the meanwhile, use the Edit > Info for Selection (Option-Command-I) to set the Production value, as you’ve since found.

Since it looks like you’re having the production name match the nice name, it should be feasible to write a script that sets the Production value to match.