Production Names to Nice Names converter

I am looking for a converter from Production Names to Nice Names.

There is an old OTF with the given Glyph Order.
On the other side I have the reworked, extended original glyphs file to export the new OTF.

Just copying the Custom Parameter doesn’t work without a converter.

There are System services that can convert names in text files back and forth:
Or just Update Glyph Info (with ‘Use custom Naming’ disabled).

Ja, I know these system services and was always wondering whether »Make Nice Glyph Names« is the answer to my need.
But I get an error message. Is there anything broken in my system?

The Services don’t work inside Glyphs (it’t Apples fault). You need to copy the text in an text editor.

I got the same error in TextMate and Firefox. Will try other apps now …

OK, very strange.
After successfully testing TextEdit, TextWrangler, Chrome and Safari now TextMate and Firefox work as well.
Only Glyphs itself generates this error.
Thank you – now I will manage it.

Related Question:
Is it possible to force this service to look after my personal GlyphData?
That would be great!

What do you mean? Opening it in TextMate and applying the service does not work?

That is a second issue. (My first problem was more or less solved.):

When I first shipped the font family all the PUA glyphs got production names like »uniE440«.
For the recent version I have to keep the glyph order of this early exported OTF.
So I open the old OTF, copy the list of the glyph order custom parameter, paste it into TextMate, call Services > Make Nice Glyph Names and finally copy-paste it into the new glyph order custom parameter in the reworked master glyphsfile.
I have a custom GlyphData.xml for this project, that name the PUA glyphs (and some other) like »leftArrowHead«.

But these Glyphs were not corrected by the service …

Where did you put the GlyphData.xml file? If you put it in Application Support/Glyphs/Info, it should be picked up.

OK, that works.
But being aware of the new possibility to have a project based GlyphData.xml next to the Glyphs file all this feels like a workaround until there is a »Make Nice Glyph Names«-one-click-script within Glyphs … :wink:

Was it possible to implement the following as a script?:
`- Dropdown menu to choose from all open files

  • Copy GlyphOrder from this file
  • Convert the list like system service »Make Nice Glyph Names« would do. (Look after the custom GlyphData.xml that affects the recent font.)
  • Paste as GlyphOrder custom parameter in recent font
  • »Update Glyph Info« for all glyphs`

yes sounds good, pls do it

I don’t have time to write that script right now.

Why would you get the GlyphOrder from a different file? Why make an order parameter for the current file? And that copy it to the other file?

If you update the glyph info for the font first, you can build a changed name dict (get the name before and after the update) and then convert any text with this command: GSGlyphsInfo.convertNames_inString_(dict, string)