Proofing Greek & Cyrillic


I started to extend an in-progress font into Greek & Cyrillic for the first time, I have spaced the forms and kerned them, but are there any useful texts that I could import into InDesign, or links like idiotproofed but for Greek or Cyrillic that could help me test this further?? I have a good setup for proofing latin, but I have nothing for Greek or Cyrillic except proofing articles.

Does anybody have any files or links they would be willing to share on this topic?

Thanks :grinning:

For Cyrillic, try these:


Wow thanks a million George, that is exactly what I was looking for with Cyrillic :smiley:

On my Commissioner Github repo I have an idml for proofing Greek.

Check Testing_Sheets_GR.idml. You can copy texts from there and use them in Glyphs to proof your Greek.