Proofs using python


I’m lately thinking about using Drawbot (plugin) to generate proofs of the current font I’m working on and I was wondering which could be the best option to get the paths of a specific layer and draw them without having to export and install the font. Something like a pen object that would get each path’s coordinates to draw them.

Thank you so much.

something like is:


should work. You need to do the layout yourself.

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Great! Thanks a lot again, Georg!

Also, since I’m iterating through all of the layers in font’s selection, is there a way to get only the frontmost layer of each master? Now I’m getting also the copies that I’ve made during the process and I would like to draw only the ones that are currently used by each master.


layer = glyph.layers[]
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Thank you so much Georg, this worked pretty well. Since this is a proof that I’m preparing for selected glyphs in current font, some of them are build our of components (f.e.: accented characters) but apparently it is not drawing them probably because they are not understood by the program as “paths”. How could I draw them?


I’ve found it, thanks still!

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It should be Layer.drawBezierPath

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It worked even better than I did. Thanks a lot, Georg.