Proper Font Family Naming from an OTF file

Thanks, appreciate your support, will look into that further and hopefully it displays correctly. Please pardon me if I’m misunderstanding: Would these be cache problems? I’m renaming the files each time I try to install for testing on the system.

Can be anything.

The problem is that you have the same “postscriptFullName” parameter in each of your instances. You can remove all of the custom parameters and Glyphs will export the right values by default.

Thanks for looking at the file and diagnosis. Though, when I tried to remove only that parameter from each instance (or when I remove all of the parameters from each instance), then the original problem shows back up: When just one font from the family is installed, Word and Illustrator show the weight in both the family name and style name in the font menu in the app. If more than one font is installed from the family, then Illustrator displays it properly (removes the weight from the family name), but problem still persists in Word (shown below).


Also a weight tends to go missing in Word (Light in this case).

The parameters helped eliminate the redundancy, as it fixed it in Illustrator, but it then introduced these new problems in Word. (I know I still have to try with a different user.)

At the end of the day, it seems for me, having no parameters is working best (and what I’ve been doing), though not ideal because of the weight name redundancy in Illustrator, they are useable.

Open to any other thoughts, but I don’t know if there’s a solution right now.

Thanks for your help.

Some of the things you describe are just what these apps do. You will not be able to change that from within a font. That, if at all, would be a bugreport to Adobe or Microsoft.

Thanks for the confirmation and your time to assess it all. Yes, will have to roll with it as is.