Proplem With Arabic Fonts

when we use opentype properties such as swash and stylistic the font does not appear in the arabic fonts list in Adobe applications such as Photoshop
It appears in the list of English fonts


Are you using the Adobe Fonts folder for installing the font? If you are using apple’s Fontbook, it may be a cache problem.

I believe Adobe apps use some weird heuristics for that reordering. I am not sure you can force your font in a specific sub category. Does everything work though?

BTW it’s not intended to be an ‘English’ list, it’s more like an ‘everything that doesn’t seem to fit in the subcategories’ list.

I mean that the overall font in Windows or Mac after installation appears in the list of English fonts , although it was supposed to appear in the list of Arabic fonts depending on the default language in font programing

I did some research on the topic, and it seems like once your font covers Basic Latin, it will be moved up to the Latin fonts. So, if you really want it in the Arabic section of the Adobe font menu (which is not necessary for it to work properly), you will have to remove some of the Basic Latin glyphs.

After a pilot research to solve the problem I found that the programming arabic fonts be excellent and supportive environment for the emergence of the font in the list of the arabic Fonts in applications

But in the case of our choice for the swash property of the font Then appears in the list of english fonts

i Use the manual option to disable the Latin did not solve the problem

Also tried to delete characters from the Latin language did not solve the problem As well as deleted all languages except Arabic did not solve the problem

I can send you pictures shown, as well as the glyphs file of the font

I hope to resolve this problem they interest me much concern to my clients … With many thanks to you

I missed when I bought glyph by 299 $ but I deleted it in the trash

Thanks for the help

A. Perhaps you can add a language tag in the feature. But it is probably better to ask someone at Adobe what exactly triggers the placement in the Adobe menus.

B. I don’t understand. What did you delete?

I’m not compelled to a question in Adobe for this reason

One reason I open the font via fontlab and activate the following typefaces boards

arabic A
arabic B

And then the font appears in the list of the Arabic font and this means that who must ask Adobe is you, not I !!

This miracle that doeth fontlab show arabic fonts in the list of arabic fonts for Adobe applications

can you send us the font form Glyphs and form Fontlab that I can have check for the difference?