PS and TT hints interdependent?


I have recently come across something strange. I had rendering issues with a ttf font, which I was able to resolve by modifying the postscript hints in the source. Please see the examples below:

Top: Letters appearance with artefacts (Adobe Illustrator):
Left: Letter ‘R’ in Glyphs,
Right: Letter ‘Z’ in Glyphs

Both rendering problems are gone when I remove the highlighted hint in ‘R’, and re-attach the bottom ghost hint in ‘Z’ to the other bottom node. This seems strange to me, as I would not expect PS hints to have an effect on ttf fonts. It is not a problem for me in this case, but I thought I’d report this as a potential bug.

That is indeed strange. Can you send me the original and the ‘fixed’ .glyphs and the .ttf file?

Hi Gerog,

I can share the files but only with you because of non-disclosure, i can’t find a DM mode here. How do i hand them over to you?

You can click my avatar and there should be a message option. Or send it by email to support at this domain. Thanks.

As far as I can check this, the font contains the hints exported from the trueType instructions. Removing or changing the postScript hints does change them. You are using a quite old version of Glyphs 2 (from august 2019) so there might be something else going on.

Hi Georg,

Thanks for checking. I am using 2.6.6 (1352), which seems to be the up to date Glyphs 2 version when I check for updates. In this case It’s not a problem, as I can reattach the ghost hint in ‘Z’ and remove the hint on ‘R’ leg which wrongly overlapped with the ghost hint.