PS autohinting ignoring zones

Hi, when using PS autohinting in Glyphs 3 I am still getting jumping overshoots in some sizes (and even varying heights of A and Aacute etc.) All the zones have been set up and the stem widths are also present. I’ve also set blueScale to no avail. Any idea what might be missing?


Can you show the zone setup?

As it’s a client project, I can’t really share anything here. But I can send you the file. Thanks!

I’ve sent it. Thanks

The problem is that the ascender and the cap height are at the same height and that confuses the zone generation code (I fixed it, thanks for the file). If you add a (meaningless) filter to the cap height, it should work.

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Thanks, Georg. That fixed the problem with the misaligned cap height, but the x-height still isn’t always at the same pixel height (you can see this by comparing the glyphs /r and /s at certain sizes).

I also have the same problem with a different file, where ascender and cap height are completely different and no zones are close together. Can I send it to you too?

I’ll have a look.

Hi Georg, is there any news on this yet? Thanks

Hi Georg, @mekkablue has helped me solve the problem. Because the grid spacing was less than 1, the zones needed to be enlarged by 1 in each direction (e.g. instead of 750 and 16 units → 749 and 18 units), except for the baseline, which remains at 0 and is only enlarged downwards by -1.

Hope this info is useful for anyone else struggling with this issue.