Pua encoding best practices

Could you clear up some of the discussion on PUA encoding. I have looked at previous discussions and it seams to me previously you have mentioned that if the unicode is blank, just leave it blank. I have several fonts that people are using in the program Silhouette, and it require PUA encoding in order for these end swashes to be seen. So several questions:

  1. Is there an easy way to add PUA encoding?
  2. Does PUA encoding cause problems or glitches.
    Thanks for your help, you have the best customer support ever!

If you want to use PUA, then you can use it without a problem. If you go to Glyph > Add Glyphs… and type uniE000 uniE001, then you’ll get the first two PUA glyphs.

Hint to what Toshi said: you can use uniE000:uniE0FF (note the colon) to create a whole range.

There is a mekkablue script for applying Unicode ranges to existing glyphs.

Thanks Tosche and Mekkablue. I will look into that script.

Can I make a feature request for your script here? A button/option to automatically start the PUA numbering at the next lowest available code point? I don’t know how complicated it would be to also check for existing code points as to not accidentally overwrite those…

Good idea. Update your scripts with Scripts > mekkablue > App > Update git Repositories in Scripts Folder, then reload scripts (Cmd-Opt-Shift-Y). The script now has this button that resets the Unicode value to the first available PUA after the highest existing PUA:


That’s awesome Rainer! Thank you!!!

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Thanks so much!!