PUA encoding with different versions of the same unicode name

Hi, I have made an icon font with lots of emojis and icons that have the same Unicode, but in different versions. Fx. a runner, man and woman (u1F3C3.M and u1F3C3.W) or different eye expressions with names from u1F441.1 to u1F441.9
How can these glyphs be accessible for web use, and load correctly?

I have not made any features to this font, and hope that this can be solved in the glyph naming.
I have added a screenshot of the naming. Should the glyph names be copied to the Unicode name?
Hope you can help out :slight_smile:

First, why don’t you use the glyph names that Glyphs provides. hotBeverage is so much more recognisable then uni2615.

The best solution is to use “character variants”. Add a “.cvXX” suffix where XX is a running number. So uni2615.cv01, uni2615.cv02, uni2615.cv03
Then go to Font Info > Features and hit Update.

Okay, but how do I get access to use the glyph names that Glyphs provide? ( hotBeverage)
I have a lot of strange icons, that I guess I need to make an unfitting unicode for.
If I use the naming you suggested and hit update in font info, feature panel, it just say languagesystem DFLT dflt;
It does not add a feature, is this okay?

Select the glyphs and choose Glyph > Update Glyph Info.

Thank you. Now when updating glyph info it looks like this. (see screenshot).
If I add the same name as unicode name the update remove the unicode name.
Is that right?

[quote=“GeorgSeifert, post:4, topic:11423”]
“character variants”
[/quote] should this be added in the feature styles?

If Glyphs is not converting the names, then you have to remove the “Use Custom Naming” in Font Info > Others Settings.

If you hit the update button, the feature code will be automatically generated.

Briliant! Thank you Georg. Now this part works.
I am still in doubt on not having a unicode name.
Is that okay?
Things look like this now:


The u1F5A5 should be renamed automatically to desktopComputer.
And you should get a cv01 and cv02 feature. Do you have any glyphs that have no suffix? That is needed.

Thank you, but is it okay that they don’t have a Unicode name, and only have a glyphname?
Should I write “uni2615” in the Unicode column?

The .cvXX glyphs do not have a Unicode value. Georg was noting that you also need at least one glyph named hotBeverage (without the .cvXX suffix). The hotBeverage glyph will have a Unicode value. Hope that helps.

Thank you, this answers my question. Thank you again :slight_smile: