Python module installation problem


I am having trouble installing the Python module. I tried using the instructions and it didn’t work either. The GlyphsPythonPlugin folder is created, but it is empty.

Glyphs Version: 3.1.2 (3151)

What am I doing wrong?
Maybe I can copy the necessary files to the right folder myself?

Are you using a Mac with an M3 chip? There might currently be an issue there, see:

Also, the Python module needs longer than the UI indicates. I suspect that in this case, you restarted the app while some installations were still happening under the hood.

  1. Delete the GlyphsPythonPlugin folder.
  2. Install Python again in the Plugin Manager
  3. When the button goes red, go for a coffee and give it another minute or two.
  4. Double check the contents of the GlyphsPythonPlugin folder: if it is empty, go back to step 3.

A complete system reboot helped. Thanks