Python problems- all plugins crash

I was having trouble with a plugin, so I uninstalled and reinstalled python through Glyphs. Now all plugins crash at startup. I’ve tried reinstalling python and all the modules through Glyphs (made sure it was selected in preferences) with no success. I’ve tried using other python versions in my system, and same thing happens. Any clues as to what can be happening?

What error message do you get from the plugins?

It appears that Glyphs can still launch, as you took the screenshot. Or did you take the screenshot you posted by launching Glyphs in the special mode with plugins disabled?

Yep, glyphs launches, but ALL plugins crash on launch and can’t be used.

I ended up emptying all my scripts & plugins folders and reinstalling everything and that seems to do the trick- except for HT Letterspacer, which was the original problem, but I guess that’s another topic. Thanks for looking into it anyways!

Hmm, sorry to hear that the HTLS Manager caused you this issue. Did the macro panel show anything when you opened Glyphs with the HTLS Manager installed?

I don’t think HTLS Manager was the cause at all. I was trying to fix HTLS (not the manager) not working when everything broke, but I’m not sure if any specific plugin/script was the cause.

How were you using HTLS? You need to use my modified version, not the original script. You can find it in eweracs scripts > HT Letterspacer. It works in conjunction with the Manager plugin.

ooooh, i did not know that. I’ll give that a shot. Thanks for taking the time to take a look

I admit the implementation is far from ideal and the Manager plugin at the very least needs to give a hint about the correct script to use.

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are there any fundamental difference between your version and the official, or is it just tweaked to be used with HTLS manager?

It is mostly an adaptation to work with the Manager plugin.

One other major difference is that it has been modified to allow a “for all Masters” version, which is not possible in the original.

What version of Glyphs do you have?

Did you send some crash report (the one that comes up when you restart the app)? Please always send them and add a note to connect it to this thread.

I’m on 3.2 (3207). I did not get any crash report screen because Glyphs itself didn’t crash, it was just all plugins that crashed on startup.

Is it still happening in, alert re-installing? Or, what do you need to do to reproduce it?

I fixed it by removing all plugins and modules and reinstalling them, now all works as it should. Thanks!