Python script to Animate Variable Font

I have my own variable font and need a Python script with which to animate it in my Max/MSP/Jitter patch. This is an educational project for my MA thesis.

Any help will be much appreciated.


What is a ‘Max/MSP/Jitter patch’?

I can help you make a font with Glyphs. I cannot guarantee it will work in every third-party app.

Thanks for this offer of help mekkablue! Max/MSP/Jitter is a programming environment made in C++ which allows computer c0ntrol of sound and moving image. This is some of my work: I already have a variable font from a type designer friend and I think I know how to make more weights if I need to. What I’m looking for is Python code with which I can animate my font - something like this: If anyone has further thoughts I’m glad to hear them. Al the best! Bob

Here’s a handy resource for you to read:

Thanks Dave! Much appreciated!! If anyone has access to tutorials on writing Python script which would give more control over animating variable fonts - these would be very welcome. Bob

Oh right, you were looking for a variable font animation, try this:

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Thanks Dave! I’ve gone back to working on my breathing type project in Max/MSP - although I’m still very interested in Python (inside Max) - because of the high image quality I’ve seen with variable fonts. As yet tho’ I’ve been unable to find someone with the requisite Python and typographic skills and the wisdom, to take this on as research rather than a cash cow :slight_smile: Best, Bob

How to do that inside an app depends on the API of that app. Maybe ask on their forum?

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Just because the project might be called “research” by you, that doesn’t justify you to accuse others that they are only gonna make profit from it when they just ask to be paid for the work they will do for you. And neither does it mean that they lack wisdom. I think you should consider your attitude.


Hi Georg, Thanks for your response - and Erich thanks for your. I’d be very interested in talking with both of you about this project. I’ve worked in Max for over 10 years because it’s the principal software for sound and image responsiveness. If Glyphs and Max can work together - through Python, or in some other way - then my research becomes even more realizable. After a professional career in design, typography and music - I now study computational arts in one of the best university programs. My interest is to work alongside others who are interested in the future of typography. vorTEX takes a little explanation. If you’re interested - there’s information here: and performance art in the link above. Thanks

Mark - we communicated several times by email on May 3rd, with no result. And I think we misunderstood each other. Please don’t take this as an insult.

Okay, all good :blush: Sorry for that. Good luck with your project!