Python version for glyphs

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I upgraded Python to use a plugin that works in version 3.11.6, but I want to downgrade because there is a plugin that does not work.

The plugin I am using is built based on Python 3.9.1 version, so it must be set to 3.9.1 (Glpyhs), but only 3.9.1 (Python) is visible in the add-on tab. Is there a way to make 3.9.1 (glyphs) visible again?

Even though I deleted all Python versions and reinstalled version 3.9.1, it still looks like this.
I also deleted all modules in the plugin manager and reinstalled them.

스크린샷 2024-03-17 오후 4.25.03

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What plugin does work with python 3.9 but not in 3.11?
And did you install pyobjc in the manually installed python? (Run this in Terminal: pip3.9 install pyobjc)

If you select a python in Preferences > Addons, the others don’t do anything. So you shouldn’t need to remove them.

if you install “all” modules, that is to be expected.