Q: For an all-caps font, do I only need *.case?

Hi, as in the title:
For an all-caps font, do I only need to create the .case glyphs?
Will running Update Info make all the necessary linkings?

For all-cap fonts, you just need capital letters. When you run Update Glyph Info when you don’t have lowercase in the file, you’ll notice that the uppercase glyphs have two unicode values, doubling their duty as lowercase letters too.

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The .case variants should only be used to switch to glyphs that work better in a all caps setting (e.g.: to shift punctuation up). That means it is NOT used to switch the case of letters.

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So, you need the design of the .case glyphs, but can leave out the .case suffix in the glyph names and just use them as defaults.

I suppose you are aware of this tutorial:

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thank you all
@GeorgSeifert yes, needed to shift punctuation up, the *comb ones didn’t align as high as I wanted to when running the Set Anchors command, and the *.case worked better :slight_smile:

EDIT: Damn, now the *comb also aligns fine…

You mean diacritics. Don’t create .case glyphs, adjust the position of your anchors instead.

will do, thanks! just saw *comb also aligns fine…