Quadratic Curves

Cubic curves are very limited when it comes to extreme letter-forms. Quadratic are much more powerful, but the problem is making compatible outlines in different masters. Any suggestions in how to do It in a case like this?

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I would copy the outer path from the left O into the right O, and scale it (selectively) until the curve fits the curve on the right.

Thanks Rainer.

Hello ! I was looking for a way to draw with quadratics curves in Glyphs, and here seems the only case that look an official way. Is it possible to know how you’re able to do that ?

EDIT : I think I’ve found by exporting in .ttf …

Thank you for your reading,

You cannot currently draw TT curves from scratch, but you can convert between PS and TT via the Paths > Other submenu.

Ok, I see. Thanks a lot !