Question about global guideline filter options

I really like Command Option I feature for adding labels to global guidelines.
How can I set a filter that only applies the guideline to a select set of letters?

For example: A label titled Middle Bar and only add it to letters H A E F

I’ve been trying Name Contains or Name Matches but if it doesn’t return a match the guideline just disappears. This is also slightly annoying especially if you’ve already set the name and other filter categories. Is possible to have an error message instead?

Hold down the option key before clicking the plus in that filter dialog. You then have the chance to gather a few conditions with Any of the following are true.

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Ah the secret option key!
Can this option just be another button? - + ...

Also, the input boxes are narrow, is it possible to make them wider or be able to resize the dialogue window?

I don’t have much control over the UI of the filters. It comes as is from Apple without any option to tweak. So, No.

@GeorgSeifert Resizing should be possible, I tend to think?

Making it wider is possible.