Question about name field when a font is exported


I got a question about exporting a font.
I usually check naming and data using OTM after exporting fonts.
I know there are more than 17 name IDs for Macintosh (depending on the situation) in the name field. When I export font through Glyphs3, the exported font has only 1-6 name IDs for Macintosh and the others are all Windows.

I wonder whether if there are Windows IDs in the name field, the other Macintosh name IDs are not necessary or don’t occur problems. This question may be because I make Hangul fonts and I need to add Korean information. I heard in Windows sometimes Mac name occurs problems, so I erased it so far.

I hope this is the right place to ask.
Thank you for

Do not export names for Mac anymore. Add the custom parameter Export Mac Name table entries and turn off the second checkbox.

So, unless there is Mac name tag, there isn’t any significant problems! Thank you!