Question: couldn't install font on mac

i have a font and couldn’t install on mac, i guess it’s about mac minimum acceptable char coverage support for a font. my font has only .notdef , space, a and some other glyphs on PUA. font has no problem and tested in fontgoggles, web and could install on windows… do you have more information?

Why are you constantly deleting and re-instating this post?

sorry. i was checking.

What is the point of a single-letter font and why do you want to install that font on the Mac?

If the Font Book dialog bothers you, you can install it manually. If you want to know why Font Book is throwing that error, you may have some luck in the Apple forums.

it’s one of the ornamental divider,border,… set variable font collections. the font is on its initial test for some desktop programs.

i can install it manually, thank you.

I’ll do that if the problem continues. thanks.