¿Question for Spanish language natives?

Is it correct to design signs ¡ ¿ as case sensitive forms?

Can I set an automated OT rule sub exclamdown by exclamdown.case when exclamdown is followed by any uppercase letter, lining figure and .case glyph?
Are there exceptions to consider?

Not a Spanish native, but I’ve been through this ad nauseam with Spanish speakers.

Uppercase variant: Only for all-caps, so a simple .case variant suffices.

If you have small caps, you need to have .sc variants for both upright and inverted exclamation and question marks. Similar for other case variants (petite caps, unicase, whatever else you can think of).

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@mekkablue is right.
exclamdown.case and questiondown.case are only for all caps texts.

Thanks! So this questiondown: ¿Que Tal? must be “lowercase”, right?

Yes, because is in a upper & lowercase text.
Maybe I’d activate the uppercase ¿ in a title or a poster but not in runnig text.

cool, many thanks!!!