Question: How to rename all references to a glyph automatically


I am a first-time user of this program. I have a question about changing the name of glyphs. When I change the name of a glyph, this program doesn’t automatically propagate the change to the scripts in the features.

Let’s say I have a glyph named uni27f8, and there is a ligature defined in the liga table as follows:

sub less equal by uni27F8;

I changed the name of the glyph using the pop-up box depicted in Figure 1.

Let’s say we changed the name to leftlongdoublearrow (as shown in Figure 2)

Now, if I click on the refresh button in the features tab of the Font Info (opened by Cmd+I), I will get an error message in Figure 3.

How can one enable automatic renaming of all references to the glyph?


The Button only updates the automated features. If you have manually coded features, you will need to replace it yourself. You can press Cmd-Shift-F to invoke the replace dialog in the feature code, in case the name appears more often in the code.