Question: is it possible to add/drop sfnt table on export?

is it possible to add/drop sfnt table on export(in ttx or any other format)? i can do it with external script but i wonder if i can do it from glyphs app.

Can you explain more what you like to do?

like to add a simple prep table(to fix fontbakery check-googlefonts fail), or replace directly entire name table…

That is not build in but you can easily add it yourself.

You write a .glyphsplugin. It can register for the GSDocumentWasExportedNotification notification. It is called every time a font is exported. And in the userData of the notification is the path to final font a the instance that was used to generate it (if you need to get to some usedData).

For some use cases there might be a bit more sublet ways to do that. e.g. you can add the prep table and other TrueType hinting related tables as custom parameters. You can open a .ttf file to see who exactly that should be set up.

And there are the Name Table Entry and Prevent Name ID custom parameters that can be used to add/remove any name table entries.


this is very useful. thank you :slight_smile: