Question on "Copy Kerning from Caps to Small Caps" script

Is there a way to copy all kerning with capitals to smallcaps, not only limited to characters ? So including kerning with punctuation for example. I have been using the script “Copy Kerning from Caps to Small Caps”, but that deals only with capital to capital combinations.

I have my own version as well, but it also ignores pairs against non-letter combinations (or Cap-smallcap pairs for that matter). For example, the height change affects the relationship between quotes and slashes dramatically, and stuffs like hyphen is also quite sensitive too. There is no automatic way to deal with this, unless of course you are fine with straight copy without modifying the values.

You mean letters?

The reasoning behind that was that SC-nonSC and nonSC-SC kerning cannot be deducted from Cap-nonCap and nonCap-Cap. IIRC that was a specific user request back then (something like “creates way too many pairs”). It should be relatively straight-forward to change that in the script, though.

Yes I meant letters.

I am well aware of the consequences, but I am dealing with a design with high smallcaps. I wanted a head start :slight_smile:

Thanks @Tosche and @mekkablue.