Question (or feature idea) about export Filter CP

in export CP for Filter, is it possible to give a list of glyphs? if yes, please help me with that(I need it) and if no, it would be a considerable idea: I see Filter in export CP has a very good potential to keep sources more raw and editable but for example in a case like monoline fonts in higher weights we need to apply different offset values for multiple groups of glyphs in several Filter CPs.(this is a simple example and there is more like that, like multiple Filters with different ranges…), although a simple script could do that easily but a standalone simple source is better(to keep build process simple and many other advantages, for example with enabled showstyle CP we can edit all glyphs(not just a part of them) live on the fly…).

This is possible with include and exclude.

Read this documentation: Custom parameters | Glyphs

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Thank you, this is great :))