Questions & Suggestions

Hello, I have a couple questions and suggestions:


  1. Is there a script for finding average stem weights?
  2. is there a script for auto-removing intermediate points, leaving extremum and inflection points only?


  1. Show the angle coordinates when using the Knife tool
  2. Automatically create instances for each master (or option)


There is a tool in the Adobe FDK that can do this. No. Good idea. Already implemented in Glyphs 2.

Good to know, thanks Georg. I have an additional question relating to auto-hinting. Does Glyphs 2 produce TrueType hints for TTF fonts intended for web, or is an external service still required?

I came across the following forum discussion, but suspect the hinting behavior has been updated for Glyphs 2…just wanted to confirm.


Glyphs 2 can run ttfAutohint or export manually set hints.

Okay, great!