Quick Look in Font view?

Would it be possible to implement Quick Look functionality in Font view?

Besides quickly showing the glyph in a large size without opening a new tab (⌘T, spacebar, ⌘W), I believe it could be very useful for comparing different versions of a glyph or siblings. (Did I remember to update eogonek after I adjusted e?)

As I see it, if only one glyph is selected, one would use the arrow keys to navigate the Font view as they do now. If multiple glyphs are selected, the arrow keys would cycle between those.

To be completely honest, I’ve pressed spacebar on the Font view way too many times…


Good idea. We are discussing it.

I thought about it a few times, too.

Funny, a few days ago I was thinking about writing a Plugin with this kind of function. So 1+ for that request. No urge though :slight_smile:

I was just about to suggest this only to find this post. I find myself trying to Quick Look a selected glyph by pressing the space bar over and over again. I would appreciate this so much. Quick Look would be so much help. Thank you for considering this!

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