Quick toggle between primitive shapes

Hi, while drawing a lot with the primitives tool, I have come to find the behaviour quite annoying in regards to switching between circles and rectangles. Maybe it’s just a macOS vs Windows thing, but I have noticed that in the Windows applications of Illustrator and the likes, a right click onto the tool opens up a menu, whereas in macOS (or in Glyphs, at least), a long-click is required, which invokes the context menu, which can only be navigated as long as the mouse is continuously held down. This is quite a flow-breaking interaction. There would be three modes of interaction that come to mind which would make this a lot faster and easier to navigate: Right-click to invoke menu, left-click again if selected already (less preferable) or, for this specific case of there only being two primitives to choose from, a repeated F keystroke to toggle between the two. The latter can, of course, be used in conjunction with the former.

In summary, to toggle between primitives, hitting the F key again to toggle between the two would be a great improvement instead of the cumbersome practice of long-clicking. Thanks!

For the tools with more than one state, use Shift plus the hotkey repeatedly. In this case Shift+F.

Ah, thank you very much! That’s at least something, although the necessity for the extra shift key is beyond me :slight_smile: But thanks, that makes things a bit easier.

It makes it clear that you like to switch the tool. Ff you press f to select the Primitive tool, unaware that it was active already, you would switch the tools.