Quickest way to copy glyph paths from one font to another

I have built a Glyphs file with lots of features [like mark & mkmk & stylistic sets], and I have another 50 fonts [.otf format] that I want to add them this functionality.
I want to use my first Glyphs file as a base file for all other fonts, that is to duplicate my first Glyphs file, & just change all the glyph paths to the new one, so in this way the glyph names don’t change & stay compatible with all the features I painstakingly wrote.
What is the quickest way to replace just the glyph paths from the .otf file to the Glyphs file, without changing the anchors etc. from the Glyphs file, but keeping the LSB & RSB from the .otf file?
Is it possible by scripting?!
Currently I manually copy every glyph into the Glyphs file [they come in with their original LSB but not their RSB which I have to insert manually], but this approach will take ages for 50 fonts…
Any help would be very much appreciated!!!

I suppose there is a script to do that;
However if manually you’d like to batch it;
try “Selection to background” of all targeted glyphs;
Then copy source paths and Paste Special to active layer only.
You’d need to retrieve anchors from the background layer afterwards.

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can you please explain? I didn’t get that…

Is it possible to select multiple glyphs from one file, and copy them, then select the same glyphs in a second file & paste in the copied glyphs into the second file [without adding .001 to their name]?!
It doesn’t seem to work…

I just got it!!!
Just what I was looking for!!!
Thanks a million!!!

How do I paste to active layer only?!

When I paste special it removes all content from background layer…
How can I keep the background?!

Why not the other way? Why not copy the features into the other file? Then there is a script for copying metrics in my repo.

Or better yet, simply change the glyph names to match your feature code.

What about the anchors? Any non-standard anchors? Or could they be reinstigated by pressing Cmd-U?

Anything you can describe can be scripted. You can learn enough Python for writing your scripts in an afternoon. Start here: https://glyphsapp.com/tutorials/scripting-glyphs-part-1