Quickest way to generate diacritical versions of stylistic sets

Let’s say I have a font with the following glyphs:


I have anchors set for all. To quickly generate the diacritical versions of A:Z, I can go to the Mac Roman filter and select all of the new glyphs I want to generate and it’ll make the new ones (like Aacute, etc.) for me.

What is the quickest way to do the same thing for A.ss01:Z.ss01?

In the past, I’ve listed out all the new glyphs I need in Glyph > Add Glyphs. But it seems like there’s probably a quicker way that I’m not thinking of.

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Duplicate the accented glyphs, rename the .001 part to .ss01 and update the glyph composites by choosing GlyphCreate Composite.


Florian, THANK YOU! I knew there must be a quick way. I really appreciate this.

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