Quotation marks not appearing when typed, but are shown in Font window

Hi all,

Please take a look at the screenshot below — the quotations are displayed the window, however, they do not appear when I type them (it’s just blank). Every other letter/number/punctuation symbol works correctly.

Any help for this is much appreciated!


It appears that your file is missing to two glyphs: quotesingle (U+0027) and quotedbl (U+0022). These are both straight quotes also known as “dumb” quotes, while the ones you’ve already designed are curly or “smart” quotes. Keyboards tend to default to straight quotes which is why nothing is appearing when you’re typing.

Thank you! How would I make my “smart” quotes into “dumb” quotes?

I’m a noob with this program.

Add the two glyphs ‘quotesingle’ and ‘quotedbl’ and add some outlines to them.

When I was testing on Adobe apps and Microsoft Word, I found an issue.
My 301D did not appear on Microsoft Word. What is the problem and how to fix this issue?

Thank you.

How did you type the character?
Are you sure it is not a font cache problem (https://www.glyphsapp.com/tutorials/eliminating-font-cache-problems

I tried several ways to type this character: unicode keyboard and copy the character from the source.

Yes, I had a font cache problem for another issue and I fix it by following the tutorial that I found from this forum (it is same with your link). But my 301D does not appear until now.

What do you think, Georg?

U+301D is the REVERSED DOUBLE PRIME QUOTATION MARK, a rather rare character. Do you have a keyboard layout at all that can type it?

I was sending you a message to discuss further about this because I have so many questions about question mark.