Quotations Mark Help

I’m having trouble getting my quotations to use both left and right side, it just uses the same one.
I’m not sure if I have them named correctly.

Here’s a screenshot of what it’s doing.

This post by @alexs should help:


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Thanks! This worked.
I found if I don’t have a quotedbl then the rest will work.
The preview in Glyphs doesn’t work, but when exporting and testing in Illustrator the quotes worked properly when only using these four https://i.imgur.com/NNqYHxE.png

What do you mean by ‘ if I don’t have a quotedbl’? You need that glyph. What are you doing exactly?

Mac OS auto replaces quotedbl with quotedblleft and quotedblright, but not always. PC users don’t have that. So straight quote marks are must-have too.

@GeorgSeifert maybe this should be mentioned somewhere in the tutorials? Quotation marks are confusing and Apple makes them even more so :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help everyone.
I took your advice and made a quotedbl.
My confusion came from typing in Glyphs - it always uses the quotedbl over the left/right:

I thought it wasn’t working or I was using the wrong type of quotes, but after installing the font and testing it in other programs the correct quotes are showing:

Soo it was probably working all along and I just should have tested it in another program :sweat_smile:
Thanks again!

The problem is really that the keyboard only has the single strait quotes and some apps try to “fix” that by converting it on the fly. MacOS does it, but Microsofts Office apps do it, too.