Quote printing issue

Hello - a client got back to me with quite an unusual problem. The quote marks closing the quoted text print in a wrong way, as in at the bottom instead of the top. However, only in certain MS Office environments. So the output was wrong in: Word 2019 Professional Plus;
Word 2013 Professional Plus; Office LTSC Professional Plus 2021; Word 2016 Professional - - wydrukowało błędnie. It was however correct from Word 2016 Standard 2016.

So a text like this: „fgsdfgsdfg” becomes this: „fgsdfgsdfg„ in print. Any idea what could be causing this? Oh and also only some printers do that. They said HP LaserJet1320 printed fine, KonicaMinolta BizHub C284e printed with error.

Thx in advance to any helpful people out there :slight_smile:

Are you using nested components in your ” glyph? As in, are the components you are using in ” themselves made up of components?

Also, are the tested files in .ttf format?

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Tested in ttf, yes - might have been a nested component issue - thx so much. I thought I cleaned this up before exporting :grimacing: :grimacing: :grimacing:

Lightning fast reflexs btw. Fastest gun in the west and whatnot. :wink:

You can run a prefilter on export for TT exports. There are multiple floating around, I have one at

You can run this filter manually or on export. I recommend baking it into an export plugin in order to be able to use it for variable fonts as well.

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