Quotedbl vs Quotedblleft and Quotedblright

I have had trouble figuring out how to control which quotes are being used in the glyphs app. I have a feeling there is a simple solution here. I previously have created a font in Glyphs where the app automatically was able to decipher when to use the quotedblright and when to use the quotedblleft. I have run into the issue on the most recent font I am currently working on where it uses the quotedbl glyp rather than quotedblright and/or quotedblleft. I am fairly new to this and was hoping for some clarification on how this all works. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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What do you mean by control?

Those are three distinct glyphs that are used in different circumstances. You need to have all three in your font.

Software like InDesign or Word have options to use straight quotes or curly quotes, and it is the software, not the font, which makes the replacement.