Rainer’s Sync Components script copies current layer also to alternate layers

Rainer’s Sync Components script copies current layer also to alternate layers. I’m pretty sure this is not how it used to work, and in any event the script should only ‘sync’ the matching layers like for like.

I think it always worked that way. It goes through ALL layers (even backup copies) and inserts the components. But I just added that it would only do this for master and brace layers.

Alright, what happens for alternate layers? It would be really cool if they were also synced.

You want them synced or not?

Perhaps I didn’t explain myself good enough. What I want to sync are the top layers in all the masters. Then all the alternate layers synced separately:

In the example above the content in the top layers is compatible, but not compatible with the [oz<400] layer, which also needs to be synced, but only with the other [oz<400] layers.

The script should only sync the active layer please.

OK I think I know what to do, will update always the compatibility run in which the active layer sits. Georg gave me a hint on how to do that. Give me a bit of time.

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Done. Try again, please.

Did you push your commit? This is what I have as the latest commit for your repo as it exist in the Glyphs Repositories repo.

commit 1bf94a7a1c943d02f5511fcbf62d2c06d152dd88 (HEAD -> glyphs3, origin/glyphs3)
Author: Rainer Scheichelbauer <res@glyphsapp.com>
Date:   Fri Jan 26 11:53:23 2024 -0500

    option to switch interpolation type, brace layer treatment

Please switch back to the main branch. Or remove and reinstall.

I reinstalled them, and that did the trick. I got the newest version and the script works (yay!) Thank you Rainer and Georg.

Thanks for letting us know! Glyphs will now switch to the correct branch without requiring a reinstall of the scripts.

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