Random Characters

I’m trying to create a typeface that randomly picks characters automatically. I created 3 full sets: a-z, a.ss01-z.ss01 and a.ss02-z.ss02. And I want them to be mixed every time I type.

I created individual classes for them: @set01 @set02 @set03. The same with Uppercases @ucset01 @ucset02 @ucset03

The best solution I could come up so far was this liga:

sub @ucset01 @set01’ by @set02;
sub @ucset02 @set02’ by @set03;
sub @ucset03 @set03’ by @set01;

sub @set01 @set01’ by @set02;
sub @set02 @set01’ by @set03;

sub @set02 @set02’ by @set03;
sub @set02 @set03’ by @set01;

sub @set03 @set03’ by @set01;

But it’s not as random as I intended… Any insights?
thank you,

There is no way to randomize glyphs in OpenType. All you can do is cycle through them.

scroll down to the bottom here: http://opentypecookbook.com/common-techniques.html

First, it should be calt, not liga. Then take a look at this tutorial:
This is about as random as it gets. You will find a few other approaches in my scripts repository on github.

Thank you @DunwichTypeFounders, @Jscruggs and @mekkablue! I really appreciate the help!
Mekkablue this tutorial is great! I remember seeing it when I purchased Glyphs some years ago, but somehow could not find it when searching the Glyphs site! I think this will be the best solution to my problem!