(Re-)Interpolate Anchors

Hi, I am working with a hairline to black master setup with, of course, one master in between for better contrast. Currently, I am building diacritics and using the immensely practical anchors workflow. Ideally, i would like to set up anchors in my Black and Hair master and, same as re-interpolating metrics or kerning (thank you Kernschmelze), re-interpolate them for my Light master. My current workflow entails copying my outline for a glyph, re-interpolating the glyph, deleting the newly interpolated outline and re-inserting the old outline. That way, my anchor positions are interpolated correctly.

What would be great is if I could select my entire glyph palette, select my (Light) layer and then press Re-interpolate Anchors, as is already separately possible with metrics. Maybe there is already a script floating around that I’m missing or something, in any case, I would greatly appreciate any advice!

You can put this in your Macro Window and run it after selecting the glyphs in the master you want with reinterpolated anchors:

for thisLayer in Font.selectedLayers:
	copyLayer = thisLayer.copy()
	thisLayer.paths = copyLayer.paths
	thisLayer.components = copyLayer.components
	thisLayer.width = copyLayer.width
	thisLayer.hints = copyLayer.hints

Thank you very much – again! That coffee is becoming ever more overdue.

this doesn’t work in Glyphs 3 anymore :frowning:
Can someone fix this?

You can check my adaptation of the code above, search Eweracs in the Script section of the Plugin Manager, there’s a script called Re-interpolate Anchors in the Drawing section.

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thanks :slight_smile: