Re-interpolate metrics (spacing) for intermediate master all at once?

iirc, I could do this in Glyphs 2 (by selecting all glyphs and selecting the button option in the side panel), but in Glyphs 3, I am only able to select and apply this to one glyph at a time. I have three masters with the intermediate being Regular all drawn.

I know there is a plugin to re-interpolate kerning based off the two extreme masters, but is there a method I’m overlooking for batch re-interpolating the spacing metrics for the intermediate master too?

You can check Reinterpolate special layer (brace, bracket) sidebearings script from Jeremy Tribby

Thanks. Seems like it could be useful in some cases, but didn’t appear to work on the regular master (no special layers involved) upon trying just now.

Sorry I thought you was talking about brace layers.
You can try this script to interpolate sidebearings of all glyphs of selected master :

selected_master_ID =

for glyph in Font.glyphs:
	layer = Font.glyphs[].layers[selected_master_ID]
	temp_layer = layer.copy()
	temp_layer.parent = layer.parent
	layer.LSB = temp_layer.LSB
	layer.RSB = temp_layer.RSB

No worries… i sometimes do use brace layers for the intermediate, so will be handy.

Thanks for the script… early quick test appears to indeed have worked globally across the Regular master, but it does show some ‘bugs’ with a few diacritics appearing out of alignment (though not all) and just a couple inconsistent metrics. So may have to check each glyph quickly after running it.