Re-Interpolate should not auto-hint, if…

The function “Re-Interpolate” performs an auto hint. But this is not very useful, if the layer is not the main layer for hinting (first layer or chosen one). Could this be omitted?

Good question. Thoughts:

  • It should not be an autohint, but a copy of the manually placed hints you have in the origin master, hopefully hooked up to the right nodes. The hints are part of the interpolation, hence you get them in the interpolated layer.
  • If you leave the hints, they are ignored anyway if it is not the layer corresponding to the origin master.
  • The hints are easy to remove (Cmd-A repeatedly until all hints are selected and then the Delete key).
  • And in many situations, the next step is to make the interpolated layer the master layer. Then it is good to have them.

If I see hints in a layer that should be unhinted, usually my alarm bells ring because I could have forgot to hint. So taking the hints from the master in the moment you switch the interpolateted to master would be less confusing.

But I could live with the current state, because the hints will be ignored.

The Cmd-A for selection hints does not work here. Only if a cap component is in the glyph. Any trick?

You mean TrueType hints?

Yes, they shouldn’t be copied to the interpolated layer. But that isn’t auto hinting, just a copy of the hints from the default layer. I’ll check that.

TrueType hints and Postscript hints are copied.