Reapply Transformations

Coming from FontLab 5 I’m used to being able to shift nodes with the cursor and the Transformation palette tracks and shows the x/y coordinates, updating with each new transformation. This allows me to then repeat the same action as the values stay entered into the Transformation palette value fields, and I can simply select other node(s) and click the ‘apply’ button, essentially repeating the previous action. Additionally, I can take those same values, input them into the Interpolate Nudge Macro and essentially repeat the same action but of course with the Interpolate Nudge influence.

Is there anyway to achieve this ability while editing nodes in Glyphs? I could likely adapt without it, but I’ve just come to realize it’s a natural part of my process, being able to easily reference my transformation actions then reapply them.

Even though I’m describing the ‘shift’ transformation above, the other transformations work the same way (scale, rotate, slant, and mirror).


Why not use non-contiguous point selections? Works with nudging too.