Rearrange masters bug


I experience a terrible bug when rearranging three masters in font info > masters panel. All component based glyphs in my Bold Master are replaced with their Light counterparts.

I cannot recreate them by Make component glyph function.

please help.

I sent a sample file.

Thank you, we’re looking into this. So far, the bug appears to be cosmetic. Instances are calculated as expected.

Thanks. I almost got heart attack.

Can you still reproduce it with 1.4.1?
At least after restarting the app, the compound preview seems to be alright again.

I can rearrange masters (window doesn’t freez) but the problem with replaced components still exists.

I can rearrange masters only once. Then, when I rearrange again it freezes.

just uploaded a new beta that should fix this issue.

Thanks. Now it is OK.