Red circles behind nodes when rounding corners

I’m new to Glyphs and trying to learn the software. I created this capital “B” by knocking out the corners with triangles and the subtract tool. Now, I am trying to round the corners on this right side. I want to round them with a radius of 7, but the corners are not rounding and a red circle appears behind the nodes.

What am I doing wrong here? Do I need to join the two paths after knocking out the corners? If so, how do I do that? Something else? Any help would be appreciated.

This means that there are two nodes exactly on top of each other. You can use Paths > Tidy up Paths to remedy this, or remove them manually.

@SCarewe Thanks for this!

I deleted the extra point on top. Now there is just one point, and my nodes only will round if I make sure “Visual Corrections” is turned on before rounding. I’m assuming this is the answer…

Is that the main use of the button? Are there other uses I should be aware of?

Which button?

Do you mean to say that Round Corners only works if you tick the checkbox “Visual Corrections”? This can be because the radius you set is too large. use arrow keys to decrease/increase the value in the number field and see what value works.

And your path direction is wrong. That interferes with the round corner filter.

And 7 units radius sounds quite small. Try 30+.

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